The general turnaround timeframe as of January 2021 is 3- 4 weeks. Unfortunately, at this time some vendors are still experiencing slower processing and/or shipping times. This is the most reasonable timeframe we can comfortably commit to. We strongly advise product ordering and custom fabric dyeing requests to be submitted at least 3 weeks in advance, especially fabrics needed for a project with a deadline.  

No guarantees are made and Taosh holds no responsibility for meeting any deadlines.

No rush service available on any of our custom-dyed products. 

TA-OSH reserves the right to refuse any order, service, or request if the completion of the service in the time requested is not possible. Refusal of services may also be based on the number of current orders and/or fabric availability.

Turnaround Time And deadlines


1 to 2 week general

processing timeframe.

3 weeks when restocking.

4 weeks if colors are under

revision or for special

order swatches.



2 to 3 week general

processing timeframe

3 to 4 weeks for

specialty color fabrics


orders of 5 or more yards.

Custom Dyed Fabrics

4 to 8 week general

processing timeframe for fabric mediums outside of the typical fabrics we dye and orders involving several different shades.