Individual color sets are great for finding just the shades preferred.

Purchase one set at a time to build your swatch collection or choose a few sets that are closest to the shades needed.

Although the number of color options changes, swatch sets remain the same.


Listed are the COLOR SETS that make up the full set.


Each STANDARD set includes 6 - 9 shades within the group depending on the number of base colors in that set.


Each COMPLETE set includes 10 - 15 more shades.


See the listing options for photo examples of the shades.

Please be advised that the FULL SETS include color sets #1 through #10. Sets A, B and C are sold separately. If you would like to order a COMPLETE set of shades within a color group, be sure to choose the option labeled "COMPLETE SET".

Set A - Ivory (Sold Separately)

Set B - Blush (Sold Separately)

Set C - Sample Fabrics (Sold Separately)

Set 1 - Creole/Vanilla Cream/Vanilla/Vanilla Wafer/French Vanilla

Set 2 - Almond/Creme Brulee/Toasted Coconut/French Toast/Pancake Set 3 - Bananas Foster

Set 4 - Pecan Candy/Caramel Sauce

Set 5 - Milkshake/Bread Pudding

Set 6 - Cinnamon Roll/Caramel

Set 7 - Mousse/Cappucino

Set 8 - Nutmeg/Nutella/Hot Chocolate/Brown Sugar

Set 9 - Walnut/Poundcake/Pudding/German Chocolate

Set 10 - Cocoa/Dutch/Hot Fudge/Espresso/Brownie


To match your perfect color, we suggest ordering a set of color swatches that fall within your skin color range. Unfortunately, color matching using a photo as it is not always accurate. However, we can suggest a color range from a photo example. Swatches are dyed using SMESH (and sometimes POWER mesh) but most of the colors transfer well using other fabric mediums. Swatches are not available as a set in any other fabric medium. For power mesh, spandex, illusion mesh and other synthetic fabrics, please use the base swatch colors to match the color.

Size: Approximately 5 inch by 3 inch

Content: 96% nylon and 4% spandex

Care: Hand wash separately, No bleach, Line dry and Do not iron

Keep out of direct sunlight.


Swatch Sets
Set Upgrade
  • Sorry, there is a strict no refund policy on swatches.

    If you feel as though you have received an incorrect swatch order, you may return the swatches for an exchange for the correct swatches.

    If you are searching for a matching shade, returns are accepted in exchange for a different color set. Limit of 2 exchanges.



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