TA-OSH is a brand of custom dyed flesh-colored fabrics and notions used to create nude products.  Currently, there are over 200 shades that accurately represent a large number of human skin tones. The range of available shades includes 37 colors with tasty color names and a large variety of undertones. Fabrics that are exclusive to the brand are typically synthetics such as mesh, spandex, lace, and fabric blends. With the need for more inclusive fabric options, a growing number of fabrics and notions are constantly added to the testing lab.  Adding more new and eco-friendly fabric options is the main objective of providing a diverse skin-tone product line.  


For many years, only a few shades of nude fabrics existed on the market and only matched a small percentage of actual skin colors. Likewise, the word "NUDE" generally referred to a specific light tan peachy color. Making the color nude limited in its representation. For us, NUDE includes all the possible shades of humankind. Additionally, we believe that every shade should be represented and included in the term nude.


The journey began in 2017 to explore the possibilities of creating nude shades using the typical store brought dye. On the first test run, 15 shades were created in power mesh and spandex. After numerous test runs, dye changes, fabric switches, formula revisions, and other adjustments, the product line is progressing steadily and ambitiously including the materials in the shades you need.  

One formula at a time, we are redefining the color NUDE. 

We learned the hard way that all fabrics are NOT created equal! It takes quite a bit of leg work to narrow down quality fabrics that meet the standards necessary to produce a perfectly matched skin-tone product.

In that research, specific fabrics were chosen as the exclusive fabrics offered. This is a growing list and is subject to evolve.

These fabrics are color tested for consistency, color accuracy, and quality. Swatches are available to assist in finding the closest shade match.  



Nylon Tulle (TULLE)

Stretch Mesh (SMESH) 
Power Mesh (POWER)
Illusion Mesh (ILLUS)

Sheer Mesh (SHEER)

Spandex (SPAND)

Eco Stretch Lining (ELINE)

Cotton Knit (CKNIT)

Blend Knit (BKNIT)



Hook & Eye Closures

Bra Hooks, Sliders & Rings

Rouleau "Spaghetti" Straps

We are currently testing: 
*stretch lining 

*sequin fabrics

*stretch lace fabric

*lace trim
Options for these fabrics/notions will be limited and offered on a

custom order basis until the testing phase is completed.