Custom Dyeing

Custom dyeing requires an initial color testing to confirm dye-ability. Often times, several additional tests will be necessary to confirm whether or not the fabric can be dyed to a particular color. Yes, it is a process and sometimes that process is lengthy. Each new fabric type or color request involves an entirely new process. 

Custom Dyed

Basic Colors

We offer custom dyed basic colors using a sample swatch.

To color match an existing color, we require a swatch of the color to achieve the most accurate match. The swatch must be forwarded to our PO BOX.

Colors & Fabrics 


Skin tone shades are our specialty! However, we are open to exploring any color and most fabric mediums.


If the request involves fabric and color we have had experiences dyeing, we can give a general turnaround time frame.


If it is an exploratory color or fabric request, the general time frame is 4-6 weeks. 


For orders involving more than one custom color or fabric type, the processing for the entire order can be as long as 8 to 12 weeks.



Text Messages Preferred


P.O. Box 885

Simmesport, LA 71369



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